The Dignity Bus Project

Serving Metro Atlanta

Meet the Dignity Bus

The Dignity Bus is a renovated school bus, now deemed a Skoolie, that has allowed us to mobilize support for at-risk youth and individuals experiencing homelessness in Metro Atlanta.The bus is equipped with a shower, Barber Salon, WIFI Cafe, and a clothing closet. The Dignity Bus is a one stop shop for those in need to gain technological literacy, guidance with post-secondary/job applications, free grooming, business attire, and hygiene items.

The purpose of our bus is to affirm the dignity of individuals that are experiencing poverty and homelessness while supporting them with their process of reaching self-sufficiency.

Serving 4,500+ Individuals.

The Dignity Bus has allowed us to expand our reach into poverty stricken communities by providing resources to individuals that are not easily affordable and/or accessible. Having multiple resources on a bus as opposed to being stationary allows us to make a greater impact on more individuals in need.

We have provided Dignity Cuts and free grooming for over a year to individuals experiencing poverty. We have also supplied 2,500+ individuals with basic necessities such as underwear, socks, coats, blankets, shoes, etc.